The Films We Will (or Won’t) Queue Up in 2024

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Date April 12 2024
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The Films We Will (or Won’t) Queue Up in 2024

As the post-Oscar season unfurls, the 2024 cinematic landscape burgeons with the promise of novelty—enticing us with narratives that aremore enthralling, vibrant, terrifying… more profound? Major studios beckon with their grandiose campaigns, independent directors strategize festival conquests, and maestros delve into their artistry. Though what cinematic experiences lie in wait?


Already lauded with a jury prize at the Berlinale in February amidst a chorus of both jeers and cheers, the film spins the tale of a French village transformed battleground for extraterrestrial knights. Bruno Dumont instills his signature touch of the absurd, blendingmadness and courage to satirize space epics, grounding them in the quaintness of provincial mundanity.


Pablo Larraín, the films favored son known for his loosely factual biopics, now ventures to capture the twilight years of Maria Callas. In a casting surprise, Angelina Jolie steps into the spotlight to portray the legendary opera diva.

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga 

Anticipation is high for the Mad Maxprequel, slated for its grand reveal at the Cannes Film Festival. Centering on the valiant Furiosa, the film shrouds its narrative turns in secrecy, with director George Miller consistently promising a plot that transcends the strict boundaries of its comic book roots (a fact already apparent following the first adaptation).

Le deuxième act 

The Films We Will (or Won’t) Queue Up in 2024 | London Cult.

While Cannesfull program remains under wraps, Quentin Dupieuxs latest comedy is set to kickstart the festival. The master of absurdity and provocation has directed a road movie that boasts perhaps the most stellar ensemble of his career, with Léa Seydoux (Blue is the Warmest Color, Spectre) and Louis Garrel (The Dreamers, Godard Mon Amour).


Cannes anticipates what might be Francis Ford Coppolas magnum opus, a creative reimagining of the ancient Roman treatise Conspiracy of Catiline. Set against the backdrop of a futuristic New York, the film follows a visionary architect (Adam Driver), who aspiresto erect an ideal metropolis, defying the regressive impulses of the authorities. The pre-release screenings have sparked polarized reactionsfrom acclaims of reinventing cinemato cautions of an inevitable failure.

The Fall Guy

Labeled as Drive in the Barbie universe by astute critics prior to its official summer premiere, this film marks the return of Ryan Gosling as a daredevil. In this venture, he embodies a stuntman on a mission to bolster his girlfriends directorial debut. However, those acquainted with David Leitchs work (Deadpool 2, Escape Plan) should hardly expect anything otherworldly beneath the glossy cover.

Kinds of Kindness 

As the buzz from Poor Thingsstill resonating, Yorgos Lanthimos is poised to reveal his next collaboration with Emma Stone this summer. The story, split into three parts, appears to departfrom the fantastical, yet a turn towards to stark realism from Lanthimos seems improbable.


Luca Guadagnino extends his reach into American cinema with a tennis-centric drama. The plot serves up a love triangle, with Zendaya at one of its poignant vertices.


Nicolas Cages career resurgence is a spectacle unto itself. The latest curve in its trajectory unfolds in Osgood Perkinsthriller, where the hunt is on for a serial killer. The question remains: Who will Cage portray?

Gladiator 2

Ridley Scott has been cultivating the seeds for a Gladiator sequel for more than two decades. Within the world of the film, a significantly longer time has elapsed, and we return to Rome at the close of the 2nd century. Paul Mescal steps into the arena, leading the charge.

The years end is set to be terrifying. Cinematically terrifying. Tim Burton will resurrect Beetlejuice in a sequel 35 years in the making, set for a September release. October will witness Joker: Folie a Deux uniting Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga in a symphony of chaos. Come December, Robert Eggers will present his rendition of the vampiric tale of Nosferatu. Whether it might carve its place alongside the masterpieces by Friedrich Murnau and Werner Herzog is one of the years most tantalizing prospectsa true cinematic enigma.

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