Saatchi Art Presents: The Other Art Fair – A Festive Art Extravaganza in London with a Unique Approach to Sales and Promotion

Author Татьяна Антонова
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Date March 9 2024
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Saatchi Art Presents: The Other Art Fair – A Festive Art Extravaganza in London with a Unique Approach to Sales and Promotion

The Other Art Fair, founded by Saatchi Art, has just opened its doors in London. It will run from 7 to 10 of March. Unlike traditional art fairs limited to art galleries, this fair focuses on directly promoting artists.

The opening day on 7 of March featured engaging events catering to both experienced collectors and newcomers. With over 150 artists, highlights included stands from charities such as Choose Love, Cred Live Tattooing offering original tattoos, free wine tastings by Black Chalk, DJ sets, tarot readings, and inflatable installations, creating a celebratory atmosphere. Visitors had the opportunity to interact directly with artists, explore their work, and purchase art ready to take home.

Louise Rieger / @louise.rieger.artist.

Today marks the fair’s third day, offering a diverse range of exhibits spanning various concepts and mediums. While paintings and photographs are prominently featured, sculptures are less represented. Notably, some artists offer instalment plans for purchasing artwork; for instance, Claire Chandler’s small painting can be acquired over 10 months with a £29 monthly payment.

Adelaida Aronio /

Artworks catering to various budgets are available at the fair. Prices for Adelaide Aronio’s minimalist drawings start at just £80. One of the most expensive pieces is a diptych by Maria Esmar estimated at £9,000.

Joe Evans 100 Hours / @100_hours

The fair boasts a diverse selection of abstract paintings, ranging from Scandinavian-style minimalist works by Joe Evans (known as 100 Hours), to meditative pieces by Sana Rao, and feminine paintings by Anysia Nefissi, who also creates textile wall sculptures.

Anysia Nefissi / @anysianefissi

Moreover, the fair showcases works in unconventional mediums. Purchasing a piece by Katalina Masevich not only includes the physical painting but also accompanying NFTs. Through QR codes, portraits of girls animate on your phone, suitable for Instagram stories or digital avatars. Nikki Edwards’ glass and wood wall objects feature vibrant colours and aesthetics similar to  80s wall mosaics, perfect for modern interiors. Daisy Tortuga’s textile wall rugs offer an ironic commentary on the world, while Laura, working under Goose Glitters, blends vintage and kitsch in her meticulously crafted collages.

Anastasia Ermolenko, @a.ermolenko_photo

For photography collectors, Anastasia Ermolenko’s work will be of interest. Her inspiration comes from observations of everyday life. Fascinated by natural forms, textures and proportions, Anastasia organises space within her works, achieving a sculptural effect with a hint of surrealism. Jonathan Armstrong also uses photography and collage in his graphics, reminiscent of street art.

Naila Hazell / @nailahazell

As for figurative style, Louise Rager and Naila Hazell stand out, working in a hyper-realist style.

Aligning with International Women’s Day, the Other Art Fair showcases the work of 61% women artists out of the total participants, contributing to gender equality in the art community. WOW (Women of the Wick Media) magazine, dedicated to supporting female artists from Hackney Wick in London, is also participating in the fair. Additionally, the fair has partnered with The East London Strippers Collective, a feminist organization, whose members will act as models showcasing thrilling aerial and pole poses during special live drawing workshops.

The fair runs until Sunday 10 March.

opening hours:

Friday 8 March 3:00 – 9:30 PM
Saturday 9 March 11:00-7:00 PM
Sunday 10 March 11:00-6:00 PM