Bask in the Brazilian Glow: Discover Sol de Janeiro’s Sensational Cosmetics

Author Liza Ilina
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Date March 5 2024
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Bask in the Brazilian Glow: Discover Sol de Janeiro’s Sensational Cosmetics

Do you want to smell like a fresh bouquet of flowers and have your body shine as though lit by the sunlight? Then try out Sol de Janeiro!

This brand was created in 2015, and started developing and trending in 2020-2023, thanks to the efforts of its founders Marc Capra and Heela Yang.

The brand has many different choices of cosmetics, including body lotions and creams, body washes, shampoos, conditioners, perfumes, body mists, tans, lip butters, body scrubs, deodorants and jet sets.

Where to buy body cosmetics:

Space UK

£10-48 (the range of prices for different products)


£22-48 (the range of prices for different products)




£10-48 (the range of prices for different products)

Cult Beauty

£10-78 (the range of prices for different products)

Where to buy hair cosmetics:


Cult Beauty










All of Sol de Janeiro jet sets (comprising a body cream, a mist and a shower gel) cost £28 in the above-mentioned sales points.

And now let’s look at Sol de Janeiro body creams and perfume mist scents:

Cheirosa 62: the first scent created by this company (Cheirosa meaning ‘scent’ in Portuguese).

Cheirosa 62 is the most iconic scent that has top notes of orange, coconut, peach and almond, middle notes of pistachio, cyclamen and heliotrope, and bottom notes of caramel, amber, and woody scents combined perfectly together to form the perfect smell of summer. The respective cream with this scent is called Brazilian Bum Bum (it is pronounced as ‘boom boom’).

Cheirosa 68: one of the most beloved scents

Cheirosa 68 is a scent that contains pink dragonfruit and lychee, with middle notes of Brazilian jasmine, ocean air and hibiscus. When the dream dries down on your skin, you’ll feel hints of vanilla and musk. The cream with this scent is called Beija Flor Elasti cream, meaning “flower kisser.”

Cheirosa 40: (to add its specifics – YS)

Cheirosa 40 is a scent with warm floral notes of black amber plum, vanilla wood and jasmine. The corresponding travel set is a recent addition. This cream is called Bom Dia (pronounced bom jeeyah) Bright cream (Bom Dia meaning ‘good morning’ in Portuguese). It is infused with vitamin C and is meant to help fight the cellulite, so probably not recommended for young skin.

Cheirosa 59: the newest scent.

Cheirosa 59 is a scent with notes of plum, violet, vanilla, amber, sandalwood and vetiver. The cream based on this scent is called Delicia Drench (meaning precisely it, the delicious drench). Some rumours had been spreading that it could attract spiders, but exciting as it was, it proved to be a myth.

Cheirosa 71: (to add its specifics)

Cheirosa 71 is a scent with caramelized vanilla, toasted macadamia nut, sea salt, white chocolate and coconut blossom. The respective cream has not been created yet, but the Sol de Janeiro team is working on it.

Rio Radiance, Cheirosa 87: to add its specifics

Cheirosa 87, also known as Rio Radiance, starts with notes of coconut milk, and when you delve into this delicious scent you can guess a bouquet of tuberose and ylang ylang with the fruity notes of mango. It later dries down to amber essence and vanilla to create a perfect, beachy holiday vibe. The respective cream has not been created yet.

Cheirosa 39: a discontinued scent.

Cheirosa 39 was a scent that had marshmallow and buttery praline smell, accented with creamy caramel and toasted coconut top notes and supported by rich base notes of honey and warm vanilla latte. Even though it had many fans, it got discontinued as it was not too popular with customers.

However, it is still available on the Sol de Janeiro website. When you become a Sol passport member, you receive points on making orders, and you can spend them on various products, for instance, a mini Cheirosa 39 spray is an option. Its respective cream is called Coco Cabana. And there is great news: Sol de Janeiro is rereleasing Cheirosa 39 in April or May.

All scents are available in above-mentioned brands selling body and hair products.

There has been some controversy about Sol de Janeiro new packaging, as the firm has changed its logo and made the number on the perfume mist bottle bigger, removing the scent notes on the front of the bottle. Some people tend to find new packaging frustrating, while others consider its minimalistic look a great improvement. Its packaging might change, but Sol de Janeiro will always retain its brilliance.

The best part is that its nice scents have no age restrictions! All products are child friendly, but we recommend checking the ingredients that could harm young skin listed on the back of perfume mist bottles and around the caps of body creams.