Cosy. Warm. Snug. Your home.

Author Irina Filatova
Category Town
Date May 31 2023
Reading Time 2 min.

Cosy. Warm. Snug. Your home.

We all dream of creating a space that mirrors our unique tastes and styles, a place that truly feels like ‘home’. But how does one venture into the world of refurbishment when they are an absolute beginner? It’s all about asking the right questions and having the right resources.

Your home makeover journey starts with a clear vision: define your refurbishment dreams. Translate those dreams into precise goals, pictures, outcomes, and specific requirements for the project.

The conversation around budget can often seem intimidating, especially when you are unfamiliar with the nuances of construction costs. Here is a pro tip: think of the maximum amount you are comfortable spending and then add a safety net of an extra 20%. This nifty trick can save you from any unexpected costs down the line, ensuring your budget stays robust throughout the journey.

When it comes to design inspiration, if your budget allows for an interior designer, fantastic! If not, don’t worry! Turn into a researcher. Dive into the sea of ideas available in-home décor magazines, websites, and social media platforms. You will be amazed at how swiftly you discover a concept that truly resonates with you.

The core of your refurbishment journey lies in finding the right builders. Begin by tapping into your network; inquire amongst your friends, family, or colleagues for recommended, trustworthy builders. Do not shy away from asking potential builders for references of their past work. This not only gives you a peek into their reliability and work quality but also assists in making a well-informed decision.

The builders’ credentials are not just pieces of paper but a testament to their credibility. Ensure they have all the necessary licenses, certifications, and insurance. Hunt for those with experience in similar projects to yours. They will be your compass in navigating the unique requirements and challenges of your refurbishment.

Asking for detailed quotes from multiple builders is another pivotal step. Compare the prices, scope of work, and estimated timelines provided. Be wary of enticing low bids that might lead to subpar quality or hidden costs. And on the contrary, a high quote is not necessarily a guarantee of superior quality.

Do not forget to take a deep dive into their interpersonal skills. Make time for interviews, visit their previous project sites, gauge their professionalism, communication skills, and attention to detail. A builder who can effectively collaborate with you will be a priceless asset in your refurbishment journey.

Contracts and warranties might seem like the fine print, but they hold substantial importance. Make sure you have meticulously gone through the scope of work, payment terms, deadlines, and any guarantees provided.

Finally, trust your gut! You want builders who not only know their stuff but who also feel like the right fit for you and your project.
So, buckle up and get ready to start your home makeover journey. With good research, clear communication, and a little bit of courage, you will turn your home into a place you will love. Have fun!