Davos-2024 aims to “restore trust.”

Author Alexander Tatiev
Category Columnists, Town
Date January 15 2024
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Davos-2024 aims to “restore trust.”

The 54th annual World Economic Forum has kicked off in Davos. From January 15 to 19, government leaders, business executives, and civil activists will discuss the theme of “Restoring Trust” during over 200 conferences broadcasted worldwide.

Key topics of discussion include:

  • Ensuring security and collaboration (especially in the face of global uncertainty).
  •  Economic growth and job expansion (with a focus on the interests of people rather than companies).
  • AI as a driving force (and the development of a regulatory framework for AI management).
  • Long-term climate and energy strategy (including the creation of a carbon-neutral, nature-friendly world by 2050).

Over 60 heads of states, 300 public figures, and 1600 business leaders are invited to participate, along with major international organisations such as the UN, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organisation, and WHO.

As per the established practice, Davos-2024 positions itself as a crucial platform for global leaders to collaboratively address pressing issues in the face of global challenges.