Old Money Style: The Most Talked-About Trend of 2023

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Date September 11 2023
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Old Money Style: The Most Talked-About Trend of 2023

In the fast-paced world of fashion, trends come and go, but one timeless and sophisticated style that has made a resounding comeback in 2023 is the “Old Money” style. This trend embodies an air of aristocratic elegance, understated luxury, and heritage wealth passed down through generations.

Old Money Style: The Most Talked-About Trend of 2023 | London Cult.
A Brief History of Old Money Style

The term “Old Money” refers to individuals who inherit their wealth, and it’s more than just about money; it’s a way of life. Those who embrace this style are often born into opulence, and their external appearance, social demeanor, speech, hobbies, and interests all reflect their elite status. The essence of Old Money style is to convey social status without overtly flaunting it.

This style originated in America in the late 1920s when local aristocrats, educated at the finest colleges, living in grand country estates, and spending summers in Europe, created a timeless fashion that exuded an effortless sense of elitism. Old Money style is characterized by minimalism, comfortable yet refined tailoring, luxurious fabrics, and a preference for neutral colors. Above all, it prioritizes relaxation and comfort, as individuals from elite families typically do not engage in traditional work.

The Resurgence of Old Money Style

In an era dominated by social media and the influencer culture, the Old Money style has transcended social classes and inspired bloggers and influencers with its aesthetics and the allure of dressing like aristocrats. In 2023, it has become fashionable to emulate the styles of icons like Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy or Princess Diana. Notable items associated with Old Money style include the iconic Burberry trench coat, Chanel tweed suits, and Tiffany pearl jewelry. Brands like Lori Piano, Kiton, and Brunello Cuccinelli, which epitomize traditional Old Money style, remain relevant.

Pop Culture’s Influence

Popular TV series like “The Heirs,” often referred to as a “guide on how billionaires dress,” has sparked a renewed interest in Old Money style, frequently cited and emulated on social media. “Gossip Girl” also serves as a compelling guide to Old Money style, with its characters exuding opulence, refinement, strictness, and simplicity simultaneously.

Old Money Style: The Most Talked-About Trend of 2023 | London Cult.
Luxury Brands Adapt

In recent years, luxury brands have shifted their focus to cater to the younger, social media-savvy audience who can afford their products. Exclusive boutiques for a select clientele, closed communities and clubs, NFT purchases, and boutiques in the metaverse are all part of luxury brands’ efforts to showcase the aesthetics of Old Money: aristocracy, restraint, sophistication, and quiet superiority. Old Money style is always in vogue.

Blogger Influence

In 2023, social media influencers provide a constant stream of advice on how to dress in the “Old Money” style. The primary allure of this style is that it allows you to create a wardrobe that can be worn for several years, with outfits that never go out of style, ensuring you always look elegant.

Old Money Style: The Most Talked-About Trend of 2023 | London Cult.

The Old Money Capsule Wardrobe

A true fashionista’s home is likely to feature elements of the Old Money capsule wardrobe, including blazers or knit cardigans, knitted vests, classic-cut trousers with pleats or flares, polo-neck shirts, classic white shirts, sheath dresses, or midi skirts, and tennis skirts.

When considering colors, avoid mixing too many shades and lean towards a light palette, as this will make your outfit look more expensive. Dark brown, navy, green, and black are also part of the Old Money color palette. Fabrics should be dense and luxurious, such as tweed, cashmere, and wool. Subtle prints like pinstripes or polka dots are acceptable, but avoid large logos as true aristocrats don’t need to prove their wealth through flashy branding. Stick to classic styles.

Old Money Style: The Most Talked-About Trend of 2023 | London Cult.
Accessorizing Like an Aristocrat

Accessories should complement your outfit seamlessly. Opt for vintage sunglasses, a discreet clutch instead of a bulky bag, headbands, silk hair ties, or hats. Old Money style does not embrace flashy jewelry; a string of pearls can be a tasteful addition. You can also add a touch of refinement with gloves.

Stay True to the Style

Old Money style eschews oversized clothing, revealing necklines, or décolleté. The most daring you can get is a miniskirt, and only if balanced with a tailored blazer.

Inspiration for Old Money Style

To fully immerse yourself in the world of aristocrats and old money, consider watching movies that showcase the habits and interests of Old Money individuals. These characters often engage in activities like tennis, horseback riding, polo, or skiing. They have a deep appreciation for art and are avid readers.

In conclusion, Old Money style represents a return to timeless elegance, focusing on quality, longevity, and refinement. In a world of fast fashion and fleeting trends, this enduring style has once again proven that true style never goes out of fashion. So, embrace the Old Money style and step into the world of timeless sophistication and understated luxury.

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