Parliamentarians Demand Discussion on Military Operations in Yemen

Author Alexander Tatiev
Category Town
Date January 12 2024
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Parliamentarians Demand Discussion on Military Operations in Yemen

Speaker of the House of Commons Lindsay Hoyle emphasised the need to inform parliamentarians in real-time about the joint military actions of the United Kingdom and the United States in Yemen, rather than retroactively. Hoyle is ready to convene Parliament for discussions on the events before Monday.

Since the House of Commons concluded its weekly proceedings on Thursday, the possibility of holding sessions over the weekend depends on the urgency of the matter. However, Minister of Armed Forces James Heappey assured that there are no immediate plans to launch additional strikes.

Nevertheless, amid growing concerns, some members of the Labour Party have already called for a parliamentary vote on further measures against the Houthi rebels. Former Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer John McDonnell emphasised the risks of military intervention in the Middle East and the necessity of parliamentary approval for such actions.

The recent airstrikes marked the first direct military actions against Houthi forces since they intensified attacks on ships in the Red Sea. The Ministry of Defence in the United Kingdom reported that Royal Air Force aircraft, supported by the United States and other allies, conducted strikes against Houthi targets involved in recent attacks on military vessels.

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