Starmer’s Turn to Make Promises: Opposition Leader Unveils Programme

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Date May 17 2024
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Starmer’s Turn to Make Promises: Opposition Leader Unveils Programme

Following Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer delivered his own campaign speech in Essex. He outlined the initial steps his party would take if they win the upcoming general election. Unlike Sunak’s five priorities, Starmer plans to address six issues, including achieving the elusive “economic stability” and finally resolving the overloaded National Health Service (NHS). According to Starmer, these promises are just the foundation for Labour’s more ambitious long-term goals, including transforming the UK into the fastest-growing economy in the world by the end of their first term and achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2030.

Here are the promised “first steps” for Labour in government:

  1. Economic Stability: Labour commits to adhering to strict spending rules. This step is aimed at convincing the public and financial markets of the government’s economic responsibility.
  2. British Energy: Establishing a state-owned company, Great British Energy, for producing clean energy. Starmer believes this measure will lead to energy independence and sustainable development for the UK.
  3. Healthcare: To overcome the NHS crisis, Labour proposes reducing waiting lists by ensuring 40,000 additional hospital appointments each week. This initiative will be funded by tackling tax evasion and closing loopholes exploited by unscrupulous taxpayers.
  4. Border Security: A new Border Protection Command will be created to combat illegal crossings of the English Channel, reflecting Labour’s commitment to tightening immigration control and enhancing national security.
  5. Policing and Anti-Social Behaviour: Labour plans to increase the number of community police officers and introduce stricter penalties for anti-social behaviour, aiming to improve public safety. 
  6. Education: Plans include creating 6,500 additional teaching positions, funded by ending tax breaks for private schools. This measure is intended to address teacher shortages and improve educational outcomes.

Responding to critics who claim Labour’s plans are modest compared to his previous “national missions,” Starmer said, “We have a bold, ambitious plan, but we need first steps.” He emphasised that the party’s larger goals, such as economic growth and environmental sustainability, require serious preliminary measures to build trust and demonstrate competence.

Answering public questions, Starmer assured that Labour would act “from day one, minute one.” His party is already in talks with healthcare representatives to implement new measures if they win the election. Regarding education, he said the reform aims to ensure “equality of opportunity.” Starmer highlighted the importance of transitioning to clean energy, and in terms of border control, he believes it should target organised crime groups that facilitate illegal crossings on small boats.

However, Conservative chairman Richard Holden accused Starmer of abandoning previous commitments and lacking a cohesive plan. Holden urged the public to view Labour’s promises with skepticism and pointed out Starmer’s apparent inconsistency.

Nevertheless, Labour insists that the six specific steps outlined in their campaign are just the beginning. Starmer remains ready to tackle other key issues, such as housing and workers’ rights, indicating that the party has a comprehensive political platform.

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