Theresa May is leaving Parliament

Author Alexander Tatiev
Category People, Town
Date March 14 2024
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Theresa May is leaving Parliament

After 27 years representing Maidenhead in the UK Parliament, former Prime Minister Theresa May has announced her decision not to seek re-election in the upcoming general elections. This statement marks the end of an era for the Maidenhead constituency. Responding to questions about the main reason for her departure, May stated that almost all of her time is now dedicated to social work combating modern slavery and human trafficking.

May’s political career has a rich history: she held prominent positions, including Home Secretary under David Cameron, before becoming Prime Minister in 2016. It was during May’s premiership that complex negotiations on the UK’s exit from the European Union took place, ultimately leading to the resignation of the Conservative Party leader in 2019.

And now May remains loyal to her position, expressing confidence in the Conservatives’ ability to win again in Maidenhead: “I am still ready to support Rishi Sunak, the government, and I believe that the Conservatives can win in the elections.”