Three summer coffee drinks for relaxing in the garden

Author Liubov Safonova
Category Columnists, Culture, Lifestyle, Town
Date May 18 2024
Reading Time 2 min.

Three summer coffee drinks for relaxing in the garden

Summer has finally arrived in London, which means it’s time to switch to iced lattes, espresso tonics, and bumble coffee. However, finding a coffee shop willing to experiment with these formats can be challenging. Fortunately, all of this is easy to make at home.

So, let’s have a little coffee adventure. Food journalist Liuba Safonova has prepared three simple recipes that you can make without a coffee machine.


  • For coffee tonics and bumble coffee, you’ll need quite strong coffee. Originally, those drinks are espresso-based. At home set up coffee from a Moka pot or brewed in a cezve (Turkish coffee pot) works best.
  • For the Moka pot, simply prepare the coffee as instructed: fill the coffee chamber completely, pour in hot water just below the valve, and remove it from heat when it starts to make suspicious hissing noises.
  • A good ratio for the cezve is 1 gram of coffee per 10 ml of water (room temperature water). Don’t hesitate to pour it over ice through a sieveit’s important to keep coffee grounds out of cold drinks.
  •  For the upside-down iced latte, you’ll need less concentrated coffee, prepared by a filter method (drip coffee maker or pour-over) or in a French press. The standard ratio for one cup of drink is 15 grams of coffee to 250 ml of water.
  • A convenient glass size for all these drinks is 300 milliliters, or 12 ounces.

Coffee Tonic

A classic refreshing cocktail that’s easy to experiment with. For example, you can choose different tonics; it can be regular Schweppes or more complex options with pomegranate and rosemary. An interesting option is to use lemon soda instead of tonic, such as San Pellegrino. It’s also delicious with a bit of elderflower syrup.

How to prepare:

1. Fill a glass with ice.
2. Fill a third of the glass with coffee, then top it up with tonic or another soda.
3. Optionally, add syrup or a lemon wedge.


Bumble is the new latte: instead of milk, orange juice is added to the coffee. It works best with juice without pulp, but it’s worth trying different options, including freshly squeezed juice. The combination of orange juice and strong coffee gives intense chocolate notes. Sometimes it’s hard to believe it’s just coffee and orange juice.

How to prepare:

4. Fill a glass with ice.
5. Fill two-thirds of the glass with orange juice, then add the coffeethis creates a beautiful color gradient.
6. All done!

Upside-Down Iced Latte

The main problem with iced lattes is that after a few minutes, the ice starts to melt and dilutes the drink. In the upside-down version, we suggest freezing black coffee to make coffee ice
so the drink won’t lose its richness to the last drop.

How to prepare:

7. Brew coffee using a filter method or a French press. Cool it and pour it into ice cube trays, leaving them to freeze for at least overnight.
8. When you’re ready for the drink, fill a glass halfway or entirely with coffee ice cubes, depending on how strong you prefer it.
9. Warm up the milk, then pour it over the coffee ice. It will start to melt, and the drink will become chilled.
10. Drink, stirring occasionally.