Top 5 Art Events to Visit in London This March

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Date February 24 2023
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Top 5 Art Events to Visit in London This March

Spring is in the air and its first month will bring us longer days which should mean more energy. If you spent long winter evenings snuggled up at home, now might be just the right time to choose an art event that will feed your mind and soul. And if you are already full of energy, you may want to visit all five events that are suggested for a visit.

1. Frameless, currently tickets are on sale until 30 April 2023. 6 Marble Arch, London W1H 7AP. The adult ticket price starts from £35, the child ticket is £20.

Immersive digital art exhibitions are with us for some time now and, perhaps, you already had a chance to see one of them and to decide if you like to interact with art in such a way or if you prefer traditional galleries and exhibition spaces. Immersive digital art experiences have one main advantage over static forms of art and that is a constant change of pace, composition and the overall effect of the show. Such a new exciting form of engagement with art is beneficial if viewers are enjoying the experience. It may also mean that one day some of the viewers will decide to see an artwork in its original form as it may seem to be more familiar. Digital art experience is also very popular with the younger population that enjoys dancing “inside an artwork”. At Frameless a large selection of themes and styles, such as for example Monet and Mondrian, will allow to see the world through the eyes of different artists.

2. Maria Bartuszová, until 25 June 2023. Tate Modern, Bankside, London SE1 9TG. The adult ticket price starts from £16.00, the child ticket £5.

Sculptor Maria Bartuszová created a world where art is airy, delicate and light. This exhibition will allow your mind to rest from visual noise and to let your eyes enjoy rounded abstract sculptures that won’t try to shock or disturb you. Bartuszová wanted to create a visual equivalent of a warm cosy embrace. If you can, visit and check if your impression matches the artist’s intent.

3. After Impressionism: Inventing Modern Art, The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DN, from 25 March until 13 August 2023. The adult ticket price starts from £24, child entry is free.

If you miss Cezanne’s exhibition at Tate Modern, fear not, soon you will see his art at The National Gallery’s next to other artworks by the famous Western artists such as Van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso, Roden and Gauguin. More than 100 artworks from the best museum and private collections of the world will paint us a picture of how Modern art was born.

4. Giorgio Morandi: Masterpieces from the Magnani-Rocca Foundation, Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art, 39a Canonbury Square, London N1 2AN until 28 May 2023. The adult ticket price starts from £7.50, child entry is free.

Giorgio Morandi didn’t enjoy immediate access with his early days working at his father’s factory, World Wars’ interference and many years of painting still life perceived as unfashionable. Nevertheless, Morandi kept going after art that created a sense of peace and quiet in viewers. If you want to create your own still life, Estorick Collection offers low-cost art lessons using different techniques. Mindfulness and meditation through art await you.

5. Donatello: Sculpting The Renaissance, Cromwell Rd, London SW7 2RL until 11 June 2023. The adult ticket price starts from £20 взрослый, child entry is free.

You may have heard Donatello’s name from an early age. Possibly his art is very well known to us, or maybe some of us are not sure if he was a painter or a sculptor, during what period in history this artist lived and why he is so famous. Now we have a chance to find out and see how he earned the title of “The greatest Renaissance artist”. 130 artworks, 50 of which have never been on show in UK before, will show us how Donatello created not just sculptures from different materials and using a variety of techniques; we will discover how Donatello told stories. Have a wonderful March in London! Alla Maniataki, Director of educational company Vincent and Frida,