Uzbek Culture and Food Festival is now open!

Author London Cult.
Category Culture, Town
Date June 19 2023
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Uzbek Culture and Food Festival is now open!

Today, on June 17th, the long-awaited and first in the UK festival of Uzbek culture and cuisine (Uzbek Culture and Food Festival) opened, where guests had the opportunity to experience the authentic Uzbek music, traditions and, of course, delicious national dishes.

The organizers of the festival prepared a ton of Uzbek plov prepared by chef Bakhriddin Chustiy from ingredients specially brought from Uzbekistan to London for the festival, and offered to everyone for free. From the very beginning until the closing of the festival, the line for plov did not end, and every hour more and more people wanted to try it. At the festival, the guests could try Uzbek dumplings and shashlik prepared by OshPaz Authentic Uzbekistan Street Food.

In addition to free plov and other national dishes, guests had the opportunity to watch performances by national Uzbek artists and dancers, including singer Bunyodbek Saidov, singer Gulsanam Mamazoitova, and DJ King Macarella.

Guests also had the opportunity to purchase authentic silk products, homemade tableware and ask Uzbekistan Airways questions – and even get a wonderful free book about places to visit in Uzbekistan.

In general, the festival was filled with an atmosphere of celebration, pleasure and intercultural exchange, where people from various countries and origins had the opportunity to learn about the rich history, culture and cuisine of Uzbekistan and admire the hospitality and goodwill of its people.

The London Cult spoke to many important guests of the festival, including His Excellency Said Rustamov – Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the UK, Lord Waverley and Chef Bakhriddin Chustiy, and we will soon tell you about their impressions of the festival and their belief that the festival is a great start to the growing and exciting outreach efforts between Uzbekistan and the UK. Do not miss our full coverage coming out next week!

The festival will continue tomorrow, June 18, so do not miss the opportunity to visit this wonderful festival filled with an atmosphere of happiness and hospitality!