Walking in Legends: The Iconic Hunter Boots That Made History

Author Lia Andrienko
Category Culture, Town
Date June 26 2023
Reading Time 2 min.

Walking in Legends: The Iconic Hunter Boots That Made History

Hello, dear readers. Today I want to share with you an interesting story about the British brand Hunter. This famous manufacturer of rubber footwear is one of the most renowned in the world. However, unfortunately, news recently broke about the bankruptcy of the beloved boot brand of the British royal family.

Hunter Boot Limited, with its 160-year history, has been facing difficulties since 2019. The company’s debts to creditors have reached a staggering amount of £112.8 million.

The story of the Hunter brand began in the distant year of 1856 when two entrepreneurs, Henry Lee Norris and Spencer Thomas Parmelee, founded Norris & Co. in Edinburgh, Scotland. A year later, the company was renamed The North British Rubber Company.During the First and Second World Wars, The North British Rubber Company became a reliable supplier of rubber boots for the British army. This was an important period in the brand’s history, as Hunter gained a reputation for producing reliable and comfortable boots that could withstand harsh weather conditions.

In recent years, the company has faced significant financial difficulties. In 2020, sales declined by 20% due to the Covid-19 pandemic, prompting the company to seek additional financial resources. Although sales slightly improved in 2021, the brand encountered supply chain issues and the consequences of Brexit, further exacerbating the situation. Additionally, the unusually warm and dry winter in North America posed additional challenges for the brand, leading to a more than 15% drop in sales.

But let’s not get disheartened and remember the bright moments in the history of the Hunter brand. Queen Elizabeth II, her husband the Duke of Edinburgh, and Princess Anne have all worn boots from this brand. Hunter holds the status of an official supplier of boots to the royal family (Royal Warrant of Appointment). Princess Diana favored the classic green model of boots, while Princess Anne preferred black ones.

Despite these challenges, Hunter’s legacy as a distinguished boot manufacturer and its association with the British royal family have left an indelible mark on the world of footwear. The brand’s commitment to quality and durability, forged through its historical involvement with the military, has resonated with customers worldwide.

Today, Hunter continues to design and produce a wide range of rubber footwear. The iconic Hunter boots, including the famous Green model, are developed in the UK, while production takes place across 32 factories in China, India, Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Italy, and the UK. The brand sources natural rubber from Ghana, located in West Africa, as the primary material for its renowned boots.

Over the years, Hunter boots have gained popularity among celebrities and have been spotted at music festivals. Fashion icons such as Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, and Kate Middleton have been seen donning these stylish and practical boots. Hunter has also made appearances in Hollywood films, such as in the movie “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” where Angelina Jolie’s character, Mrs. Smith, wore Hunter boots.

While the recent bankruptcy news may cast a shadow over the brand’s future, Hunter’s rich history, commitment to quality, and iconic status in the world of rubber boots will forever be remembered. The brand has faced challenges before and has managed to overcome them, and perhaps with the support of its new owner, Authentic Brands Group, Hunter will once again regain its footing and continue to be a symbol of British craftsmanship and style.