DREAMSCAPES: A Journey Through Ethereal Artistic Expressions

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Date December 22 2023
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DREAMSCAPES: A Journey Through Ethereal Artistic Expressions

In the heart of London, the “Dreamscapes” exhibition, curated by Natalia Knorre and art-directed by Aleh Razhkou, unfolds as a mesmerizing collection of artistic interpretations of dreams and subconscious realms. This exhibit showcases the works of various artists, each piece a vibrant tapestry of colors, forms, and emotions that guide visitors through ethereal landscapes and introspective visions.

Video Art

Alex Vyatkin’s Video Art ‘I” is a mesmerizing portrayal of the unconscious mind’s labyrinth. The choice of monochrome tones and the eerie, desolate urban setting of St. Petersburg evoke the surreal, disorienting quality of dreams. Vyatkin’s narrative, where a young woman encounters her doppelgänger, dives into the core of dream symbolism, reflecting on themes of self-identity and internal conflict. This piece resonates with the surreal nature of dreams, where reality is twisted, and familiar scenes become the stage for profound psychological exploration.

Escape by Burhan Tekçe is a striking embodiment of the nightmarish side of dreams. The dual-screen presentation creates a disorienting effect, mirroring the confusing and often fragmented nature of dreams. The foreboding basement and the indistinct figure in the background effectively capture the essence of a nightmare, where the known world transforms into a place of fear and entrapment. This piece skillfully visualizes the theme of being trapped within one’s own subconscious, a common motif in distressing dreams.


Nesibe Bostancı’s “Fire Grows With People” is a poetic journey through the fluid and ever-changing landscape of dreams. The way images seamlessly transition from serene to unsettling reflects the unpredictable narrative flow of dreams. The interplay of light and darkness in her video art mimics the way dreams can shift from comforting to disturbing, echoing the unpredictable nature of the subconscious mind. Bostancı captures the ethereal quality of dreams, where scenes morph and evolve, often leaving a lasting emotional impact.

Sofia Malemina’s Unknown Diary” explores the concept of dreams within the digital age. Inspired by Baudrillard’s notions of simulacra, the work blurs the distinction between reality and the virtual, akin to the nebulous boundaries of dreams and wakefulness. The looping nature of the video suggests the cyclical and elusive nature of dreams, where the beginning and end are often indistinct. Malemina’s exploration of surveillance and self-reflection through digital mediums parallels the introspective and often voyeuristic nature of dreaming, making it a compelling addition to the theme of dreamscapes.

Digital Art

Alin Russ, a Ukrainian artist based in London, presents a digital painting titled “There are no atheists, there are different religions.” This artwork is a testament to the dreamlike quality of digital art, where fantasy and realism converge. Russ uses vibrant colors and shapes to create a cosmic backdrop, symbolizing the vastness and mystery of the dream world.

DREAMSCAPES: A Journey Through Ethereal Artistic Expressions | London Cult.
“There are no atheists, there are different religions”,  Alin Russ ( 2023)

The artwork, portraying everyday objects as sacred entities, aligns perfectly with the subconscious narratives often found in dreams. His work invites viewers to ponder the nature of belief and spirituality, echoing how dreams can transform mundane elements into profound symbols. The piece effectively encapsulates the theme of the exhibition by illustrating how dreams allow for a reinterpretation of reality, offering a multifaceted view of human perception.

Ana Andreeva, a multidisciplinary visual artist from Brooklyn, New York, brings her non-compositional and systematic approach to the exhibition with “Dwellings/ Spatial Study.” This series of collages, created from photographs taken across various countries, blends architecture with natural landscapes. Andreeva’s work challenges the conventional notions of space and place, much like how dreams defy physical and geographical limitations.

DREAMSCAPES: A Journey Through Ethereal Artistic Expressions | London Cult.
Dwellings/ Spatial Study: 015, Ana Andreeva, Photography, collage (2019)
DREAMSCAPES: A Journey Through Ethereal Artistic Expressions | London Cult.
Dwellings/ Spatial Study: 018, Ana Andreeva, Photography, collage (2019)

Her collages create surreal spaces that could only exist in the realm of dreams, such as majestic buildings set amidst forests. Each piece tells a story of belonging and cohesiveness, transcending reality and inviting viewers to explore the dreamlike spaces that are both familiar and otherworldly. Her artistic exploration resonates with the exhibition’s theme by showcasing how dreams can construct new realities, merging disparate elements into harmonious existences.

In “Dream River,” Tatiana Ospennikova captures a serene and enchanting scene that transcends the ordinary, inviting the viewer into a tranquil nocturnal journey. The artwork depicts a cat and a child adrift on a river, exuding a sense of profound peace and innocence. The presence of fireflies and cypresses adds a magical quality to the scene, reminiscent of a midsummer night’s dream. Ospennikova’s use of digital media to craft this piece allows for a vibrant and otherworldly palette of blues, accentuating the mystical atmosphere of the composition. The gentle brush strokes and the soft glow of the fireflies against the darkness of the night create a contrast that is both striking and harmonious. The digital format of “Dream River” is particularly well-suited to the subject matter, as it reflects the fluid and often surreal nature of dreams.

DREAMSCAPES: A Journey Through Ethereal Artistic Expressions | London Cult.
Dream river, Tatiana Ospennikova, Digital painting (2023)

The artwork could be seen as a metaphor for the journey through life or the passage through the subconscious mind during sleep. The cat, a traditional symbol of independence and curiosity, paired with the innocence of the sleeping child, suggests a protective guide through the dream world.


Anastasia Kozlova’s Diving into a Dream,” a watercolor artwork, is a vivid representation of the ethereal nature of dreams. As an artist who relocated from Russia to Turkey, Kozlova draws inspiration from the azure seas of her new environment, seeing them both in reality and as a dreamscape. This painting blurs the lines between the conscious and subconscious realms, much like the fluid boundary between being awake and dreaming. The translucent sea waves, delicately caressing submerged stones, symbolize the ephemeral and ever-changing nature of dreams.

DREAMSCAPES: A Journey Through Ethereal Artistic Expressions | London Cult.
Diving into a Dream, Anastasia Kozlova, Watercolor on paper, 2022

This piece is a profound exploration of the dream state’s fluidity, where the clear waters represent the lucidity of dreams, and the stones signify the grounding reality. Kozlova’s work invites viewers into a contemplative space, encouraging them to ponder the mystical and subjective aspects of consciousness, beautifully aligning with the exhibition’s exploration of dream-induced realities.

Aslan Tsallati’s acrylic painting “A cigarette” resonates deeply with the theme of dreamscapes. Drawing from his personal experiences of early separation from family and a sense of wandering, Tsallati’s work explores the emotional, spiritual, and physical states of being, akin to the complex layers of dreams. His painting evokes the mystical style of Mikhail Vrubel, capturing the swirling motion of dream-like visions with the cigarette smoke coalescing into a dark point on the canvas.

DREAMSCAPES: A Journey Through Ethereal Artistic Expressions | London Cult.
A cigarette, Aslan Tsallati, Acril on Canvas (2022)

This piece symbolizes the engulfing nature of dreams, where reality and fantasy merge, and the physical world is often overshadowed by the powerful emotions and spiritual experiences of the dreamer. Tsallati’s work is a poignant reflection on the nature of dreams as spaces where the intangible feelings and deep-seated fears or desires of an individual are vividly brought to life, perfectly complementing the overarching theme of “Dreamscapes.

Furkan Aydin, a visual artist from Istanbul, Turkey, presents his series “Spirits” (2022), which is a captivating fusion of art and technology, offering a visual representation of the ethereal and transient nature of dreams. Aydin’s use of special lasers to create luminous installations transcends traditional art forms, producing an immersive experience that resembles the act of entering a dreamlike state. In “Spirits,” beams of light slice through the darkness, creating patterns that could be likened to the very fabric of dreams.

DREAMSCAPES: A Journey Through Ethereal Artistic Expressions | London Cult. DREAMSCAPES: A Journey Through Ethereal Artistic Expressions | London Cult. DREAMSCAPES: A Journey Through Ethereal Artistic Expressions | London Cult.


“Spirits” series, Furkan Aydin, light installation (2022)

These light sculptures give form to the intangible, much like our attempts to recall the ephemeral moments upon waking. Aydin’s installations are a metaphor for the illusory nature of dreams—compelling and vivid, yet impossible to grasp fully. The way the beams bend and intertwine suggests the fluidity of dream narratives, where logic bends and reality warps in a dance of the subconscious.


Ekaterina Modina’sThe Illusion in Red” is a photographic composition that aligns exquisitely with the thematic essence of dreams and the subconscious as explored in the “Dreamscapes” exhibition. In the image, the subject—a young woman in a striking red dress—stands in a forest, the very personification of a dream made manifest. Her closed eyes suggest an inward gaze, hinting at a profound engagement with the dream world.

DREAMSCAPES: A Journey Through Ethereal Artistic Expressions | London Cult.
“The Illusion in Red”, Ekaterina Modina

The red of her dress is a bold contrast to the earthy tones of the surrounding forest, symbolizing the vibrancy and power of the unconscious mind. The dress’s flowing fabric suggests fluidity and movement, much like the shifting scenes of a dream. The transparent bulb cradled in her arms, blooming with an elegant rose, becomes a focal point for the surreal qualities of the photograph. It acts as a vessel for the intangible—a dream caught momentarily in time. The setting itself, with the trees arching overhead and the dappled sunlight filtering through, creates an atmosphere of enchantment and otherworldliness.

Aleksei Vasilchenko’s Three” is a photograph that subtly intersects the realms of the natural world and the dreamlike state of consciousness, making it a fitting contribution to the “Dreamscapes” exhibition. The image depicts three birds perched on a wire against a twilight sky, with the moon softly blurred in the background—a sight that resonates with the quietude and introspective nature of dreams.

Vasilchenko’s work is known for capturing the essence of life and culture, and with “Three,” he continues this tradition by presenting a moment of stillness that invites contemplation.

DREAMSCAPES: A Journey Through Ethereal Artistic Expressions | London Cult.
“Three”, Aleksei Vasilchenko

The silhouetted figures of the birds against the dusk sky evoke a sense of peaceful isolation that often accompanies the onset of dreams. The moon, traditionally a symbol of the subconscious, lends an otherworldly glow to the scene, enhancing its dreamlike quality. The simplicity of the composition belies its depth. The positioning of the birds—two on one side with a singular one opposite—could be interpreted as a representation of the various states of being: the individual and the collective, the conscious and the unconscious, the solitary and the shared. It is a visual metaphor for the mind’s journey from wakefulness to sleep, from the known to the unknown.

Dreamscapes” is not just an exhibition; it’s a journey into the depths of human imagination and emotion. Each artist, through their unique lens, invites us to explore the boundless possibilities of our minds. This exhibition is a testament to the power of dreams in inspiring and transforming our perception of the world around us.

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