London week fashion show

Author Olga Sokolova
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Date October 4 2023
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London week fashion show

London Fashion Week is seven autumn days during which we can watch the creativity of designers from around the world. Their brilliance and inspiration intertwine in dramatic images and unique collections. One of these celebrations of high style was the Silk Road Fashion, London show. As part of London Fashion Week, Silk Road Fashion, London events have been taking place since 2018. During this time, a number of fashion shows were held at famous venues in the British capital, as well as an online show during the lockdown, for which the CEO of Silk Road Fashion, London, Alma Farmer, was awarded the title of “Best International Fashion Show Producer” by the Chicago magazine and media partner of the Oscars – “Who’s who on the red silk carpet.” This year Silk Road Fashion, London presented a show called “Destiny” to the public.

The show presented five designers – five original stories with different concepts of what a modern person needs to find in clothes. “From the Great Silk Road – straight to your doorstep. We really hope that London and Europe will become interested in these names, and they will grow and expand their own silk way,” Alma told the LondonCult magazine.

London week fashion show | London Cult.
Alma Farmer. CEO of the Silk Road Fashion, London (in the centre) with designer Zhumagul Sarieva (on the right). Photo: Graham Dullagham, MUA: Sara Jones, Hairstylist: Galina Platonova

The youngest designer of the Silk Road Fashion 2023 show was 21-year-old Laal Avgambaeva from Kazakhstan. She has loved “designing clothes” for as long as she can remember, and from the age of 12 she made money by selling outfits for collectible dolls. According to Laal herself, “from early childhood she had access to art and to a range materials and resources for creativity, since her mother worked as a textile artist, and always supported her daughter’s endeavours.” The designer graduated with honours from the Kazakh National Academy of Arts and received an invitation from the London University of the Arts to study bespoke tailoring. Laal is a big admirer of Alexander McQueen’s work. And her own collection at London Fashion Week is an appeal to classical restraint, a fusion of historical traditions and modern needs.

The presentation of the men’s suit collection from the brand Aristocracy London, and its founder Lazaros Tyrekidis, was a real theatrical performance. There was a complete set for gentlemen: noble men in embroidered jackets with bouquets of roses for ladies in the audience; a luxurious palette of costumes and an incredible selection of images – a dramaturgy in tune with both James Bond and the heroes of the show “The Bachelor”. Lazaros, an entrepreneur from London, has turned his passion for the perfect suit into a thriving business venture. The Aristocracy London collections are primarily men’s three-piece suits, combining timeless elegance, impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each collection is limited to just 100 pieces, ensuring exclusivity. According to Lazaros, his brand’s philosophy is consistent with Oscar Wilde’s famous saying: “You can’t be too well dressed or too educated.”

The Desire Avenue brand transported viewers from the autumn catwalk back to summer – feminine kimonos, flowing evening capes, floor-length dresses. Founded in London in 2019 by Laura and Andrea, designers from Moldova and Romania, the brand has already established itself in the fashion market. The accents are romantic images and smooth forms. The collection is replete with wardrobe items made of silk and satin, decorated with lace, sequins and even feathers.

The “spice” of Silk Road Fashion, London 2023 came from a designer from Azerbaijan, Kamila Babayeva and her brand L’ARC. The brand as the philosophy of a modern, bold, self-confident woman and a young girl who is not afraid of fashion experiments, keeping up with fashionable trends, and sometimes even being ahead of them. L’ARC was certainly memorable for its colour scheme and texture – everything was very daring and youthful!

The absolute “cherry on the cake” was the catwalk of the Creative Studio “CHAPANSAR”, founded by designer Zhumagul Sarieva in Kyrgyzstan in 2011. The London Fashion Week collection took inspiration from the heritage of the Kyrgyz people. The audience was presented with modern interpretations of a chapan – the traditional outerwear of the peoples of Central Asia, variants of quilted outerwear – combining elegance and versatility and the incredible flavour of the nomadic lifestyle. All products are made with a unique sewing technology, which has been used by the Kyrgyz since ancient times. ChapanSar collections have been demonstrated on prestigious catwalks in Milan and Paris, and won Grand Prix awards at international fashion shows. CHAPANSAR garments are worn by FIFA President Giani Infantino, the stars of the football club Barcelona, Sheikh Zayed bin Suroor Al Nahyan, and the Mayor of New York, Eric Adams, has already ordered a second chapan!

According to Zhumagul herself, “this is how she preserves history.” “We have managed to not only revive traditional clothing, but also make it fashionable and popular among different ages and cultures.” Her design studio follows the principles of awareness and care for the environment, adheres to the principles of zero-waste production, using leftover fabric to produce home accessories, eco-friendly bags, phone and laptop cases, oven mitts, toys for children, slippers, etc. Today, she strives to become an example of environmental responsibility by creating clothing with an emphasis on ethnic style, timeless.

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