Love guided by the Kotapska sisters

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Date November 2 2023
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Love guided by the Kotapska sisters

There is hardly anyone in Great Britain who has not watched the 2003 Christmas romcom Love actually written and directed by Richard Curtis. We all remember the intertwined stories of the writer Jamie (the handsomest role of Colin Firth) finding his love with his Portuguese cleaner and learning the language, the ageing rock star Billy Mack (Bill Nighy) singing his superbly erotic TV cover version of 1967 ‘Love is all round’, the stand-ins John and Judie (it was well before Martin Freeman got famous in BBC Sherlock series), the charismatic Harry (Alan Rickman) who reunites with his wife Karen (Emma Thompson) after his dreams swing towards gorgeous Mia (Heike Makatsh), and, of course, the women amongst us can’t but imagine ourselves in the place of ill-fated Nathalie, the junior member of Prime Minister (played by Hugh Grant) household who finally finds her luck, love and happiness.


The film presents so many different love stories (including the unrequited love of Mark towards Juliet, and Sarah towards Karl) with so many different twists and so many touching details of human relationships that we have watched it all over again, for Christmas or not, for twenty years now. Yes, the news is that it is the film’s 20th birthday this year. And this 20th anniversary is shared by the brand Kotapska founded by Ukraine-born and UK-educated sisters Iryna and Liudmyla Kotapska Bridal Couture. For twenty years the two fashion designers from Chernivtsi have traveled the world and presented their collections done with unique care for the brides’ wishes in European markets, as well as in America and Asia.

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The Kotapska Bridal couture has decided that his coincidence of anniversaries was not accidental at all, and is presenting their own Love Actually collection both to honour the beloved film and to celebrate the diversity of possible bridal outfits that the women from all over the world and from all paths of life could wear for this important day. It seems that Kotapska sisters care not only for the outfits, but also for the psychological features and attitudes of their brides, guiding them through the whole pre-ceremony procedure and choosing the artwork of the dress that best fits them.

New collection Love Actually

The new collection will be accompanied by a specially tailored campaign consisting of several video and photo shoots focusing on eternal and all-encompassing love. The campaign will openly celebrate the differences between people that can fall in love with one another, and will focus on the strong emotions that come to our lives by chance and stay there forever. The campaigners were chosen among famous British influencers and bloggers: the star of the British television show Love Island, Cady McDermott and a Miss England 2016 contest participant, British model Ellie O’Donnell, with the ladies appearing in such iconic London places as the nearabouts of London Eye Ferris wheel and St Paul’s Cathedral.

Love Actually collection

The new collection of Love Actually wedding dresses consists of three lines that could cater for different preferences: the sophisticated Classic, the Perfect Couture, and Bridal Delicious, with the latter one focusing on exceptional dresses for luxurious women. The characters of the video reels wore the Couture line, and here is what the brand co-founder Iryna Kotapska has to say about them: “The dresses of the Couture line combine all the many years of experience of the Kotapska brand, our love, and respect for women from different parts of the world who appreciate our brand, and our desire for perfect forms and content. These dresses attract attention with their sophistication, abundance of handmade work, and the use of precious finishing materials. The perfect look of the bride on the day of her wedding fairy tale is our highest mission and we fulfil it with honour”.

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Apart from the familiar fabrics, such as soft silky tulle, chiffon, and chantilly lace, Kotapska craftswomen used new fabrics for the Love Actually collection that required a lot of handmade work including flowers for some dresses’ designs. The new material that makes its entry into the collection is matte crepe, and it is ideal for stylish trouser sets adorned with richelieu lace, while French sateen helped to create the elegantly draped bodices of fit & flare dresses and classic A-line skirts. The one that will definitely draw everyone’s admiration is the diamond-shine tulle which is famous for its intense glow. Crystal embroidery has also been the recognizable element of the collection, adding an exquisite glow even to dresses. To finish off the perfect look of the future bride, the line of accessories is made using Czech beads known for their impeccable quality.

Lyudmila Kotapska summarizes the specifics of the brand’s attitude in the following way: “We pay maximum attention to details. Kotapska dresses are the quintessence of the most important event in every woman’s life, so they have to be perfect. I know this feeling. Not only the dress design, silhouette and shape, but also the context greatly affect this perception. So, just as the bride wants to make her day perfect, we want her dress to be perfect. She should be as confident as possible with us. Our dress is an important part of the event and we are with the bride on this special day! This is a huge responsibility and that’s how we perceive it.”

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Thus, it seems that if you wish to actually find your love in 2023, or if you have found one and are still irresolute about the final ceremony to bind your path with that of your loved one, it seems that the sisters Kotapska know where to guide you to make you look exquisite so that you could exceed all the expectations in elegance and beauty. The brand is All you Need this autumn, and be sure not to wait till Christmas with your final preparations for the wedding ceremony with Kotapska Bridal Couture.

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