The Princess of Wales will not abandon her “life’s work”

Author Alina Bufius
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Date May 22 2024
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The Princess of Wales will not abandon her “life’s work”

Amid the active participation of members of the royal family in various social, public, and charitable events, the prolonged absence of the Princess of Wales from the public eye is causing concern. Undoubtedly, everyone understands that this may be primarily related to the illness she announced several months ago. However, the longer the silence surrounding her name, the more rumors and speculation it generates. The emerging information about the activities of Early Years, the foundation “The First Years, which is called “Kate’s life’s work, on the one hand, gives hope that the princess is doing well (as much as possible given her illness), but on the other hand, leaves a feeling of dissatisfaction with the too scant facts.

Recall that a year earlier, speaking at the presentation of the Early Years project at the Bafta headquarters in London, accompanied by the Prince of Wales, Catherine said that her own years up to the age of five were “building blocks for life.According to the princess, early childhood experiences affect almost everything in the future: from success at work to the formation of relationships in personal life.

However, the impetus for creating the foundation for Kate was not only the realization of the fruits of her first steps in childhood but also her interest as a mother of three children in the topic of human development in the early years. While visiting various institutions, the Princess of Wales concluded that problems with mental health and addictions also tend to have roots in childhood.

Studies by some economic and educational organizations in the UK have shown that the level of early childhood poverty is growing, even in families where parents work. This is happening against the backdrop of a sharp gap and inequality between the rich and the poor.

As researchers have found, working mothers with young children also face a difficult situation: they have to find a balance between financial and emotional problems.

It is clear that in these conditions, it is necessary to develop quality preschool education and childcare, which consists of many components. This is what Kate advocates for while promoting the campaign. It is not surprising that many caring people, including celebrities such as TV presenters Fearne Cotton and Rochelle Humes, as well as rapper Professor Green, have joined and supported her.

Welcoming Catherine’s involvement in such a pressing issue, Neil Leitch, CEO of the Early Years Alliance, said: For too long, the early years have been deprived of priority, ignored when it came to funding the sector, despite numerous studies showing that the first five years of a child’s life are absolutely crucial for shaping their long-term learning and development.

The princess remains the driving force behind the Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood, and recently, according to royal correspondent Sean Coughlan, she reviewed a report by the foundation that examines increasing business investment in children’s early years. The report was prepared by business leaders from NatWest, Aviva, the Co-op, Unilever, and Deloitte, who argue that the UK economy could receive a long-term profit of £45.5 billion per year through a more successful approach to early childhood. This will be possible by establishing flexible working hours for working parents and helping them care for their young children, ultimately leading to increased productivity and significantly greater employment coverage for working-age parents. Most importantly, it will lead to a normal childhood for the younger generation with care and attention from loved ones.

It is reported that Kate will be more active in the foundation’s activities as she recovers and receives permission from her doctors. According to Prince William during his visit to Cornwall in early May of this year and his visit to St. Mary’s Community Hospital on the Isles of Scilly, “Kate is doing well.

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